Which Programming Language Should I Learn in 2020

There are tons of programming languages to choose from in 2020. From Java, PHP and all variations of C, it can be a bit tough to figure out which language to dive into. When choosing a programming language to learn, it's important to understand what the end goal is. Many programming languages are exceptional in some areas while mediocre in others. For example JavaScript can be used to create dynamic websites, mobile apps but crumbles when dealing with extremely large data sets. Before setting out on your programming journey, be sure to understand what you would like to build. This is a list of programming languages you should consider learning in 2020.


JavaScript is a scripting language used to make and control dynamic site content, for example anything that moves, or in any case changes on your screen without expecting you to physically reload a website page. This includes things like photograph slideshows, autocomplete text recommendations. A better method of understanding what JavaScript does is to think about certain web highlights you utilize each day and likely underestimate—like when your Facebook timeline consequently refreshes on your screen or Google recommends search terms dependent on a couple of letters you've begun writing. In the two cases, that is JavaScript in real life.

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JavaScript Basics

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PHP is an abbreviation for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" . It is a broadly utilized, open source scripting language . PHP contents are executed on the worker and is allowed to download and utilize PHP is a very popular and well supported language! This means the community around the language is strong, the forums contains answers to common problems, and the standards are well written. PHP is at the center of the greatest publishing content to a blog framework on the web (WordPress) and powers the biggest informal organization -- Facebook!

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Getting started with PHP

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Other than the way that Java is among the top programming dialects of 2020 and maybe will remain so for in any event 10 years, Java has nailed it in pretty much every space you can consider! As Java is secure and multi-strung, it is ideal for Banking and exchange the board administrations. Web based business shops and charging programming have their rationale written in structures dependent on Core Java. Versatile OS like Android utilizes Java APIs. Securities exchange calculations are based out of Java. Furthermore, most as of late, all the huge information - the humongous information is managed like a breeze with Java. Actually, the MapReduce structure of Hadoop is written in Java. Java alongside different structures like Spring makes for a hearty blend to sort execution conditions and compose worker side applications in Finance and IT areas.

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Go, or Golang, is an open source programming language. It's statically composed and creates accumulated machine code doubles. Engineers state that Google's Go language is the C for the twenty-first century with regards to linguistic structure. Notwithstanding, this new programming language incorporates tooling that permits you to securely utilize memory, oversee objects, gather trash, and give static (or severe) composing alongside simultaneousness.

The world was first acquainted with Go in 2009 gratitude to Google's Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. The primary objective of making Go was to consolidate the best highlights of other programming dialects:

  • Convenience along with best in class efficiency

  • Elevated level productivity alongside static composing

  • Progressed execution for systems administration and the full utilization of multi-center force

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Golang Documentation

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