[GUIDE] How to build a mobile app in 9 easy steps

Do you have a great idea and looking forward to starting a new life as an entrepreneur? Well done. When it comes to app creation, mobile is already taking over desktop. Today, there are more and more mobile app users. Hence, this guide is prepared to show you how to build a mobile app in 9 steps.

Before you begin

Be creative with your App idea. In the Tech Industry, innovation is what sets you apart from your competitors.  Thoroughly conduct your research on your target market and make sure your concept is tangible. Sketch out what you want the app to do and the features before you starting developing the app.

Research your competitors

Most app developers often ignore market research not knowing that it’s a crucial part of app development. Please don’t make the same mistake. Although it’s vital to have a great idea, you need to ask questions such as:

  • What competitors and alternatives apps are there in the marketplace?
  • What are the need and desires of potential customers?
  • What is the best price for my app?
  • What business model is best for my app?

Design your App Mockups

You must design your app mockups before building. The mockup serves as a rough sketch of your app’s user interfaces, layout, and flow.

Design the Graphics of your App

The next step is to design the create the graphic design of your app. The design includes graphic effects, pixel-perfect visual details, image assets as well as motion design and animations.

Create a landing page

Most app developers often ignore or look down on marketing. However, you should know just because your app is fantastic does not mean it would get to the right people.

Design your App

Finally, it’s now time for you to design your app. Now you will appreciate carrying out the previous steps rather than just building the app straight away. Creating your app would be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Launch your App

Now that you built your mobile app, you are ready to launch your app in the app store.

Grow your app using User Feedback

Real user feedback cannot be ignored in app development. You need a user’s experience as well as their feedback to grow your app. How do you do about this?

  • Use the analytic of your app to acquire quantitative data
  • Get qualitative data using interviews and surveys
  • Talk and connect with your users regularly

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