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Jordan Jones (djordanjones) is a freelance web developer in Chicago, Illinois. Since 2013, Jordan has helped a countless amount of clients build scalable and high quality websites that often rank at the top of Google for many keywords. Building a website is a complex task by nature, so working with a local web developer in Chicago should be easy. If you are ready to get a high quality website built for your company, let's chat today!


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Finding reliable mobile app developers in Chicago has been difficult in my experience. There are thousands of potential candidates but yet, the pool for quality talent is still very small. For years, djordanjones has been building iOS apps and Android apps for large clients around Chicago. These apps ranged from Top Secret Government apps to mobile apps that are powered by a Wordpress blog. The possibilities are endless. What app can I build for you today?

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Mobile apps and websites help businesses of all sizes increase their sales. By not having a solid digital presence, you are missing out of 1000's of potential clients. Connect today to start generating more sales!


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